I am a fashion textile student, I am interested in designing special occasion wear and focusing on womenswear. I would like to work on designs either ready-to-wear or customized. I am also interested in different fields of fashion such as styling and fashion illustration.

My design tends to be dream style, these elements appear in all of my projects. I like to create handicrafts, and design hand make artwork to make the design idea work on garments, such as using embroidery, embellishment and appliqué. I like to create garments for people's special days, I would like to have the experience

to communicate with clients, understand what garments they want, and help them to look truly unique.

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"ICE" Ballet

Ballerina dancing in the world of ice and snow - Present the fantasy winter of Ice Kingdom, ice skating, and the polar environment such as snow and frozen plant.

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"ICE" Ballet fairy

Expand the idea of 'ICE' Ballet, the design relate on the fairy element, which express the imagination of fantasy winter and make the girl comes up with ballet feeling through dressing, even if they are not a dancer.

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"ICE" Ahead-Of-Season

Create collection of mix season style and futurism element with print design. The print idea of Sparkling Ice Brick and flower grow on ice with sparkling embellishment. Present future winter in optimism way through fantasy feeling.

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Floral Lace

Lace wedding dress design refer on Bohemian style and simplicity, transform flower to lace pattern with combine different thickness and transparency of texture. Research on bohemian lace crafts, design with the multi-layer lace, beading, hand embroidery and embellishment.

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Non-Player Character in haunted house

The muse is work on Non-Player Character. The uncontrolled character in the game who pretends to be a ghost in a haunted house in the amusement park. The mood of character and background refer to the movie - Corpse Bride.