Lora Pang

Originally an Illustrator with 6 years of experience from Malaysia, I dreamed of making my own animated film with characters I designed and thus became a filmmaker to achieve that. While studying filmmaking, I got the chance to explore different roles but ultimately became very interested and passionate in sound/dubbing mixing. I am eager to learn and gain experience in the field to become a sound/dubbing mixer. My dream of making my own film one day is still going strong, I'm just going to achieve it through a different way!

Lora Pang's Showreel 2022

My two best works as a sound recordist and sound and dubbing mixer - Headwind (2021) and My Name is Yours (2022) - combined in one video as a showreel.

CONROY - A Short Documentary

A short documentary about singer Louie Conroy where I worked as the sound recordist for the first time, a.k.a. the project that got me interested in the sound department for films and documentaries.