Luka Yardley

During my time studying Filmmaking at UWE, I have been able to explore many different roles. I initially focused my efforts working within the art department, which was a great way to be creative. I then decided to take on different pre-production roles such as locations and casting which fuelled my love for planning, being organised and problem-solving. This led me to want to try the production management role; luckily, I was able to do this in my graduate film ‘My Name Is Yours’. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it has made me want to pursue a

career in this area. These opportunities have allowed me to develop an excellent set of communication, organisational and logistics skills which will hopefully aid me in my pursuits within the TV/film industry.

My Name Is Yours

'My Name Is Yours' is a short drama about the struggling relationship between two Southeast Asian immigrants conflicted about whether to give up their culture to succeed in the western world. Credit: Production Manager & Locations.

Goddess of the Moon

'Goddess of the Moon' is a short commercial for the Mooncup brief in the NAHEMI Kodak competition. Shot on 16mm film. Credit: 1st Assistant Director, Casting Director & Art Department Assistant.

The Volatility of Skin

‘The Volatility of Skin’ is a short drama told in two chapters, following the obsessive relationship between an artist and his muse. Credit: Casting Director & Locations Manager.

A Way to Make It Work

'A Way to Make It Work' is a commercial for the Walking With The Wounded brief in the NAHEMI Kodak competition. The story follows Elsie, whose father is now in a wheelchair. Credit: Art Department Assistant.

Eco-Stardust Campaign

Teaser trailer for a campaign with Eco-Stardust #GLITTERWITHOUTTHELITTER Credit: Co-directed & Co-produced.

Pity Parade

Pity Parade is a short drama about a man coming to terms with divorce in the LGBTQ+ community. Credit: Production Designer & Locations Manager.