Thao Phuong Pham

A graphic designer that focuses on motion graphic and animation, publication design and typography. I'm interested in exploring new technologies and new methods to approach my creative processes and works.

Lived experience of Gloucester Road

A live-animation that explores and visualised the lived experiences of Gloucester Road, Bristol

Elcomado poster AR

A poster with AR experience to document memories attached to Elcomado shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol

Memories of Gloucester Road: Gallimaufry

Gallimaufry still poster with QR code to generate AR experience

'What will plants look like in 2050?' poster series - Quercus acutissima

A series of poster that illustrate the imaginary appearances of plants in 2050 based on real facts

triffids roaming the streets in 2050

Artwork combining illustration and photography "triffids roaming the streets of Bristol, UK in 2050"

My Creative Hero (My Dad)

A story-telling piece of animation about my dad (my creative hero) and his art process of creating lacquer paintings.