Isabella Fay

I'm Isabella Fay, an illustrator based in the Cotswolds.

My work is primarily digitally based, drawing from a variety of themes ranging from interpersonal relationships to food, music and travel.
A main component of my work is colour, using it to create unique emotions/atmospheres in everything I work on. I also love using a range of textures and patterns within my work.

I am also interested in photography and still image filmmaking, producing with a delicate and sentimental touch.

Let Her Remember

An illustrated lyric book insert to accompany a vinyl album. Narrative follows alongside the song's story - focusing on the progression/changes of a relationship through different seasons.

Covent Garden

A colourful and lively street illustration of Neal's Yard, Covent Garden.

The First Date

A short silent narrative, depicting an intimate tension between two people who feel hesitant to touch in public, unfortunately a common issue within the LGBTQ+ dating community.

Afternoon Tea in the 70s

Retro themed food illustration.

Kaleidoscope of Literature

Mock up cover design, produced to submit to the 'Bristol Short Story Prize' cover competition. Design incorporates colliding and cascading items, arranged in a kaleidoscopic pattern - represents overflowing and innovative creativity.


A narrative sequence combining illustration and photography. Black and white zine portraying various aspects of Thalassophobia - an intense fear of bodies of water.