I am the mighty Sperman! =]

I have come to Earth to inspire with my stories those who follow my journey, and challenge the norms I encounter with creativity, fresh & funky vibes, and humorous characters.

I believe in dreams, ideas, actions, and never giving up! Coming from a graffiti background and influenced by the street & hip hop culture, I am improving daily my practice, experience, and knowledge, so that I climb up the creative ladder with unique projects and bold statements, and in turn, influence the generations that come next to follow their dreams.

Through my Multi-Disciplinary &. Creative

practice, I shall illustrate tailor-made designs to communicate ideas. My practice explores the relationship between physical & digital in environments where humans, machines, or other creatures operate and engage with each other. I approach the storytelling projects I develop, considering the user’s or viewer’s experience.


This multi-disciplinary piece of work explores the relationship between the physical and digital worlds. My inspiration comes from urban environments, graffiti, and the street/hip-hop culture, and I aim to inspire the next generations of the street culture.

Stronger Than Yo' Hardships

Graffiti Mural in Limassol city, Dec 21. Everyone had their own fight. Rate was fighting against bloodcancer, others against Covid, isolation, social, political & economic crisis. This mural is the voice telling them they are stronger than their hardships.


The last of the generations that grew up off the screens, and the first to become attached to their mobile screens. Defying the lame-looking telly, now they eat ready-made meals on social media or Netflix; through endless scrolling.

Big Dreams Vol.1

Big Dreams Vol.2

Hand-made Printing Press

Hand-made relief printing press developed by Sperman at UWE Fabrication Block. Illustrations, planning and prototyping in collaboration with Amirreza, an engineer student in Berlin. The press is inspired by existing portable presses, modified, adjusted, simplified and developed.