Drawing & Print

BA (Hons) Drawing and Print is a broad-based course which supports the development of creative independence using drawing and print as means to develop ideas and individual creative innovation.

Central to course is a fundamental belief in drawing as a critical, conceptual and multi-disciplinary language, and students are encouraged to develop ideas through a variety of media, print processes and approaches to making art. When drawing is reinforced and developed through other media as an expanded practice, it is often reinvented, enabling students to consider new possibilities in the development of their work.

Printmaking processes underpin the course,

allowing students to learn valuable technical skills alongside an exploration of materiality, mass production and the multiple. Our students are ambitious, versatile and united by a love of the experience and physicality of making art. There is a strong studio culture, with students working and learning together in a learning community that encourages risk taking and experimentation.

Our students push the boundaries of what contemporary drawing and print practice can be.