Media Culture

BA(Hons) Media & Cultural Production students weave theoretical and practice skills together into a range of innovative works on this programme. From AR and video work, to print installations and online projects and academic texts, the work produced here probes key cultural and media questions, incorporating and applying research strategies and approaches to areas such as music cultures, photography and visual culture, automation and contemporary documentary practice. Students work on with a combination of group collaborations and individual projects to develop working skills that reflect contemporary cultural landscape. Strong cultural research skills are embedded in the outcomes on this

programme with transferrable professional skills developed alongside theoretical grounding.

This year, students have developed AR works which address photographic materiality, have created documentaries looking at issues within van dwelling communities in Bristol and have had video work selected by Bristol Women’s Voice and The Cube Microplex.

Our BA(Hons) Media Culture and Communication course is immersed in diverse industry collaborations that link students to the city's key creative media makers and cultural organisations, including Watershed, the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol Festival of Ideas, the Arnolfini and M-Shed museums. Students have designed their own media campaign and communications projects and created portfolios of work-oriented outcomes which link to chosen media and communications careers. Communications theory, cultural research and presentation pitching skills are developed throughout this programme, alongside a. consideration of the transmedia and transcultural dimensions of communications and ethical issues. Live brief collaborations this year have included the Creative Campaigns brief set by Reunite Families UK, who, impressed with the works created by MCC students are set to establish future internships and opportunities.