Courtney-Paul Sargent

I am passionate about making television. Being a confident performer, live TV has always been a massive draw to me but recently I have really grown to love filmmaking (both scripted and non scripted) I have recently written and created a short film looking at how the COVID 19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the world of performing arts. This is my proudest work to date as it shows off all my skills including presenting, making graphics and editing footage to create an interesting and informing piece of work.
I aspire to make great quality TV,

I would love to make documentary films looking at a wide range of subjects. The idea of taking an idea, researching it and learning more abut about so I can make it into an engaging film just excites me and that's what inspires me come up with new ideas for fun Films.

Must The Show Go On?

A short documentary film looking at the Impact Of COVID 19 on the performing arts.