I am a producer and expanded performance fellow working across a range of physical and digital mediums including digital installations, virtual reality / augmented reality, dance and film. My work seeks to better understand the potential of storytelling beyond the boundaries of traditional media, building on his knowledge of digital narratives and leveraging new technologies to create immersive alternate realities.

Gimme One

GIMME ONE is a 360 virtual reality experience showcasing five UK ballroom artists as they explore ideas around cultural appropriation, empowerment and safe space. Their self-expression is seen through dance using digital volumetric and motion capture techniques, visualising the unique voices of this vibrant subculture.

Collaborators: Harrison Willmott (360 Camera Operator)

The Gauze

‘To create a headset prototype that ‘heighten emotions’ and is ‘transcendent, frameless, unbounded, expressive, delighting, inclusive and empowering’ that draws refence from ‘theatre, fashion, millinery, interaction design, architecture and dance’

Collaborators: Harrison Willmott (Developer)