Alison Loke Mern Nyee

Alison Loke is a 2D animator and illustrator based in Bristol, who loves making animated films that are rich with story. Especially stories that relate back to the film maker. She hopes to make films with diverse stories from parts of South East Asia and introduce them to a larger international audience . Alison has served as a Line Producer for her CG short film, "Farewell" and Producer for "Moosh & Meesh" in 2019. She has since went on to direct her latest short film "Kopi Girl". In her free time, she loves sketching out story ideas inspired by

the people around her.

Kopi Girl

" A young girl finds a way to bring customers to her father's coffee shop before they get evicted". This film pays homage to Malaysian coffee shops more well known as "Kopitiams" locally, which are slowly disappearing in the city.