Anam Khatri

Hi, I’m Anam Khatri! I’m a committed stop motion maker, enthusiastic about sculpting, puppet building, and set designing. When I’m not busy creating maquettes, puppets, and experimenting with fabrication processes, I can be found trying determinedly to improve my knitting ability, failing at Super Mario World, and researching how people lived in the Olde Times.

A sculpture in Chavant clay of an old woman in a revealing dress, with boxes and a bottle on her head, wrapped with a scarf.

Nanay Reyna

Chavant clay sculpture, based on a design by illustrator Kenny Leoncito.

Plastiline sculpture of a creepy anthropomorphic bug character.

The Thief

Plasticine clay sculpture of a character designed for Daniel Friend.

A white and grey needle felted foxes, and a white, orange and brown felted fox, face the left of the screen, looking at a tree upon whose branch the white fox's tail is hanging down.

Timothy's Troublesome Tail

Two needle felted fox characters, based on illustrations by Natalia Shaloshvili. Background painted with gouache on watercolour paper.

Digital paintings of an anthropomorphic bug character with a robotic headpiece performing various activities in a desert environment.

The Guide

Digital concept work for a bug 'guide' character for Willow Krum's final year project.

A pair of portraits, one on a green background and the other on a purple background.


A plasticine self portrait and a plasticine portrait of my friend.

Two Chavant clay characters on either side of a sculpted cake which has had a big bite taken out. The character on the left looks guilty, and has cake around his mouth.

Gros Lapin

Chavant clay sculptures inspired by Delphine Durand's 'Gros Lapin' illustrations.