Isaac Camilleri

Isaac Camilleri is an aspiring live-action/animation director. With interests in both mediums, he has developed and advanced his skills and understanding of the two forms of production over the duration of his studies. After recently completing his graduate film 'Page's Edge' - which is a hybrid of live-action and animation - he has continued to work with the mixed mediums by creating a lyric video for up-and-coming musician Tom Auton. With the dream to one day become a film/television director, for now Isaac is focused on building up his portfolio through personal projects and freelance commissions.

Page's Edge

In a short live-action/animation hybrid film, Page's Edge follows a student's drawing which has come to life. Contempt with where it resides, the drawn man wants nothing more than to be somewhere fresh and exciting.

Tom Auton's '9 til 9' - Lyric Video

A collaboration with the ever talented musician Tom Auton. An animated lyric video for the track '9 til 9'.

Flotsam & Jetsam - Behind the Scenes

Documenting the manic and chaotic process behind creating a 9 minute stop-motion film in your bedroom...during a pandemic. Watch as filmmaker Felix Surplus fills his lungs with flour and forever disrupts his - and others' - sleep schedule.