Jack Buist

Jack Buist is a Scottish animator with an eclectic body of work, though has recently been focused on rough, 2D digital animation. Working with different styles his work is often informed by his varied background in Musical Theatre, Stop Motion, Cosplay, Photography and Puppetry. Jack's diverse collection of work has established an understanding of timing and performance, while Jack himself greatly enjoys the animation process and is looking forward to a creative career, post university.

Smashy-Smashy Eggman | Liquids - Animation test

Wanting to experiment with portraying liquids I went out and broke a few eggs for reference and spent the subsequent few days making this.

The Puppet Painter by Felix Surplus

I was brought on to work on this project, due to prior experience with puppetry, where I worked alongside Julia Vaccina Makar, one of the two puppeteers who brought the character to life

Dancing 01 | Animation test

A short dance sequence to play with key poses and timing.