I’m a travel-happy writer, copywriter, marketer, and poet, who functions on caffeine and optimism.

At present, I work as a project coordinator for the Arkbound Foundation, a Bristol-based publishing charity. We support those from disadvantaged backgrounds to break into the writing and publishing industry.

Between this work and completing my degree, I have been gaining experience of travel copywriting with the sustainable travel CIC, Island Spirit.

When I am not writing copy for marketing campaigns, funding applications and sustainable accommodation, I can be found writing creatively or reading furiously. My love of fiction and ‘self-help’ non-fiction informs my

writing. I am constantly working on one poem or another, with the dream of one day releasing my own anthology.

My love of poetry assisted my creation of the libretto for UWE’s Centre for Music’s Transforming Futures song. This song will be performed live in 2022.

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Well, That's Just Bostin' TV Series Pilot

An extensive mix of misfits come together at a local community centre to seek support, friendship and fun, amidst the chaos of ordinary life.

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Life In The Faslane

Farrah, a young woman in her 20s, attempts to navigate life and love. She lives in Faslane Peace camp in Scotland, which is a permeant camp protesting the UK’s use of nuclear weapons.

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Six of the best North Wales National Trust Locations to visit once lockdown eases.

A copywriting piece based on a mock brief from the National Trust

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Copywriting: The chord that binds- how Mahler’s 10th is a heart-breaking tale of love and loss.

A copywriting piece on Mahler's 10th symphony.

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To Look Inside Ourselves, We Must Venture Outdoors

The original creative work for my professional portfolio development. This piece is the opening three to four chapters of what will form a narrative non-fiction book on the connection between human emotion and the way the world works.