Isaac Smaldon-Jones

Isaac is an aspiring novelist, screenwriter and copywriter from Devon. At age 18 he escaped to Bristol, where he studied at the UWE. However, he could not escape his life-long fascination with macabre. This interest led him down the strange pathways of cosmic horror, dark fantasy, and black comedy, which have become the staples of his writing style.

Studying history, psychology, and philosophy at A-level had a profound impact on him, and he loves incorporating these topics into his work. Class struggle and existentialism are motifs that crop up often in his work. He’s not bitter, he swears.

He has

been honing his skills in commercial copy-writing and non-fiction over his academic career, fields which have peaked his interest recently.

His long term goal is to become a published novelist. In the short term, he just wants to be paid to write, wherever that may take him.

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The Crimson Court

The first three and a half chapters of a dark fantasy novel. A tale of betrayal and intrigue, set in a world on the precipice of an industrial revolution.

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The Horror at Miskatonic University

Part of a cosmic horror short story inspired by the tabletop roleplaying game 'Call of Cthulhu'.

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Brexit and the English Language

An response to George Orwell's essay 'Politics and the English Language', focusing on the deception used in the Brexit campaign.

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Six Top Locations for a Covid-secure Summer Holiday

A listicle detailing the best places to visit as lockdown eases.