When I was a little boy, I loved telling stories. I would gather my friends together and spin scary tales of ghosts and monsters. I was good at it, and my mother began to get calls from my friends’ parents complaining that their children were having nightmares.

I have worked as a freelance copywriter, an editor for independent publishers, and a writer for several game publishing companies.

I came to UWE as I wanted to build on this experience. I always felt conscious of a need to develop greater technical skill. The Creative and Professional Writing course allowed me to

study fiction, narrative non-fiction, copywriting, stage and screenplays, and poetry.

I’ve enjoyed the course, and it has improved my writing, giving me greater confidence when offering my skills in the professional marketplace.

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Corsairs: Pirates of the Barbary Coast

Enslaved by sea raiders, two siblings adventure across violent, 17th Century realms, searching not just for freedom but each other, as they battle against pirates, wicked rulers and a sorcerous cult.

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This is the opening of a fantasy novel set in a world of anthropomorphic creatures. The story follows Tychus, a young man who inherits the adventuring bureau of the title.

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This is a short horror story set on a university campus. Appropriate, I thought, for a university showcase…

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This is a short story exploring themes of addiction and co-dependency. It follows a couple driving from California to Nevada on a strange quest.

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A film script: after 18 years in prison, an ageing gangster desperately seeks his dying daughter’s forgiveness and the approval of a granddaughter who once loved him – while dealing with a malevolent pimp set on ending his life.