Marie Lister

The work I make comes from my own thoughts and frustrations about humanity; freedom and constraint, sexuality, bodies, being a woman, being a cog in the machine of society and my dreams of escape into another world. I like dreamlike imagery and images that come from my dreams, combining subjects from the real with imagined scenarios. As a multidisciplinary artist, I feel the need to make things with my hands and the process of printmaking techniques such a lithography also really speak to me in terms of my need to use my body to make the work

and the tangibility of the print as an object. My work is constantly evolving and the exploration of the human condition is always a consideration for me.  I have so much to discover, so much to learn and so much to say.  Join me on my journey.

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lithography on paper. 2021. In times of struggle, we often don't realise that we are constantly growing, learning and transforming as we navigate this sometimes difficult journey. Acknowledge your growth, find your strength, grow your wings.

Escape the Race

Graphite on paper. 2020.


Graphite and acrylic paint on wooden panel. 2021.

SO Talonted

Lithography on paper. 2021


Charcoal and chalk on paper. 2021.


Screen print on paper. 2021.