My work has an emphasis on materiality, form, and texture. I draw inspiration from every day and find beauty in my surroundings. The decaying streets of the city and the new industrial builds. I respond by working with my intuition to capture the essence of a place. Working this way gives me a sense of freedom and creates a way to translate intangible emotions. I work with unconventional materials in a range of scales. With a focus on what matter, material, and materiality are. I don’t try to recreate what is already attractive. Colour is everywhere. I refrain from

the already beautiful. Although my focus is on the physicality of my work, there is a sense of philosophical thought and feeling. Meaning can surface from a painting and can evolve with one’s insight and interpretation.

Through The Lines

Paper Collage & Acrylic Paint 26.5 X 26.5 cm


Mixed media. Acrylic, Gloss wood paint, Poly filler, paper. 32 X 32 cm

Ta Da

End of Year Exhibition

Collagraph Prints

Series of Collagraph Prints on Somerset texture 300 gsm.