Evie Haworth-Galt

I am a creative with a focus in art direction. my work specialises in visual experimentation, playful kitsch & mixed media aesthetics. I'm fascinated by and constantly engaging with the visual arts as a form of expression and communication. My interest in fashion and its corresponding photography lie within having fun and not taking myself too seriously. I find art direction and creating imagery a cathartic form of self-expression and especially enjoy being able to create vibrant, light-hearted imagery with low-tech resources.

I am also interested in self-portraiture and if there is a photo I have created with someone in

it most of the time the model is me. I feel it allows me complete creative freedom to realise the narrative. Self Portraits also enable me to experiment with and express various sides of my personality.

Evie Haworth-Galt Show Reel

A show reel containing a range of my work.


A rough-cut montage film exploring the melancholy of looking back through your life through the lense of self-portraiture. Music credit- The 1975 'Please Be Naked'

A Bedroom

Within this project I aimed to capture the melancholy longing we feel to turn to the past and look back on times we view as ‘better’. 'A Bedroom' is based on typical 'emo' rooms depicted in early noughties pop culture.

'Emo Girl'

'Emo Girl' takes inspiration from how female characters and their personality traits were depicted through their style within teen High-School movies in the early noughties. The emo was always girl sullen and an outsider.

'Popular Girl'

The popular girl was always mean and wore pink. Within 2021 I like to believe that we are far less tied down to particular rules of what we can and can’t be.

PDF - click image to view

Workout Wednesdays

‘Workout Wednesdays’ is a project exploring the visual tropes and humour of ‘80s & ‘90s home workout videos, utilising their aesthetic ironically while bringing them into a modern context.