James Robinson

Fashion Communication graduate, specialising in Photography, Styling and Art Direction.

I bring an individual approach to my work which is influenced by my heritage, sportswear and costume, and my upbringing in Northern Ireland. I characterise my visual outputs through everyday observations, clever use of distinct cultural and personal references as well as an abundance of tongue-in-cheek humour.

In my final major projects, I have been working on two print publications, titled 'Look Busy' and '(What's the?) Craic'. Throughout the year, I have also enjoyed working on brand commissioned work for Lazy Oaf's AW20 collection (Body Parts) as well as collaborating with

Image-maker (and Senior Lecturer), Dean Davies on a new project with individuals from the UWE Communication Fashion programme. I am pleased to share these projects below :)

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(What's the?) Craic publication

This publication aims to celebrate and spotlight Northern Ireland in a positive light, against a recent rise of conflict and increasing tensions. Explored through Photography and Collage, reflecting upon place, people, heritage and memory.

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Luck of the Irish - Styling & Casting

Part of an ongoing project with image-maker, Dean Davies with individuals from the UWE Fashion Communication programme. Styling influences including all things Irish, Leprechauns and fancy dress costumes you'd see on a St Paddy's day out.

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Lazy Oaf 'Body Parts' - Photography

Commisioned work for Lazy Oaf’s Autumn/Winter 20’ collection involving the creation of a custom typeface using models to create the ‘Lazy Oaf Alphabet’, drawing upon an ironic sense of humour through references to Yoga poses.

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Look Busy zine

Look Busy is a zine that documents & observes people, objects & things of interest that ‘look busy’. Created with a curation of my own images and a community of contributors.

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'Under the Cosh' - Editorial (Art Direction)

A proposed Editorial for The Face magazine inspired by scenario’s & slang commonly found in 5-aside Football, particularly in reference to my adolescence and experience playing ‘red arse’ with my mates.

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Martine Rose - 'Probably the best fans in the world'

A campaign proposal for Martine Rose, utilising the brand’s established visual aesthetic and cult status merged with the community-based platform OnlyFans to promote and sell her products from the Spring/Summer 21’ collection.