Tamsin Michael

I am a multi-disciplined visual creative, exploring narratives of femininity and womanhood, fuelled by the desire to understand my cultural heritage and future as a female. I champion the movement towards a balanced equality - diversifying gendered perceptions by reinventing codes of fashion.

Whilst my specialism lies in styling, throughout my creative development I have garnered an array of skills in fashion image-making, including creative direction, photography and art-direction. Fantasy aesthetics are intercepted throughout my

work, utilising exaggerated, textural styling and dreamy visuals to create new landscapes which are free from societal pressures. I have been selected as a winner for the W1 X GFW competition and nominated for the Styling and Creative Direction award at Graduate Fashion Week.

Is she to breathe mama?

Re-appropriating 19th century styles and notions of dress that were instrumental in oppressing and controlling women to present a power uniform for the modern-day woman, applauding femininity that is strong, unapologetic, and unified. I produced all creative elements.

Is she to breathe mama?

Peas In A Pod

Exploring a futuristic possibility of a dystopian society. My creative direction involved a new landscape where individuality ceases to exist due to mainstream trends turning humans into clones. My styling utilised repetition, unusual silhouettes and textures, creating alienesque shapes/uniformity.

Peas In A Pod


Throughout history, the female form has been cinched, censored and accentuated, as women have continuously been pressured into fitting rigid moulds. ‘butter’ relieves the female body from exhausted perceptions of one ideal form, through the appreciation of unconventional dress.

Petals In Motion

A Charlotte Knowles SS/21 imagined campaign - Immersing within a narrative defined by the revival of the 70’s. Whilst rooted in the past, Petals In Motion retains Charlotte Knowles forward thinking momentum, aiming to uplift within a time of uncertainty.