Bronte Harper

I am a Fashion Textiles graduate specialising in printed textiles for fashion. My design work explores and celebrates the little things in life that we would usually ignore or see as nothing special and reinventing these things into graphic, printed textile designs. With life moving more digital this year, I have focused my design work according to accessibility and found my strengths lie in digital design and a combination of digital and hand-rendered design processes. My work involves bright, bold colours and layered designs where I enjoy experimenting with opacity, colour proportions and design composition to rapidly create a

wide range of designs and find which work best together.

Lockdown Culture

Beginning this project during the third national lockdown, it felt only natural to address the life-changing event we have all lived through over the last year. Lockdown culture explores habits, activities and new norms in our life.

Consuming Covid

Consuming Covid focused on consumerism habits in lockdown where I created collages receipts and text found in magazines and newspapers and combined them with my imagery relating to the text.

Digital Date

Digital Date designs were created for fashion products such as bags, scarves, and sunglasses. The motifs were created from numbers on receipts I collected and finding numbers relating to the start date of the first UK national lockdown.

It's Not Mush

My final collection was inspired by natural processes of birth, death and decay with a heavy influence for these designs coming from House of Sunny print designs and creating predominantly repeat print designs.

Beauty in Every Aspect of Imperfection

Exploring the traditional Japanese idea of Wabi-Sabi, the view and thought of finding beauty in imperfection. Finding ways to distort an image or design at each stage of the process to create perfectly imperfect designs.

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