Imogen Anastasia Millard

Bold print designs and statement digital embroidery has been the focus of creative practices. In a grey world of mundaneness and desaturation, I use my textiles to bring back some vibrancy and playfulness. Taking inspiration from Leigh Bowery, The Club Kids and Drag Artists, I use my pieces to explore ideas of gender, sexuality and transforming the everyday into something more exciting! ?

bright rainbow digital embroidery

Dripping Eye

Exploring how the Club Kids makeup might have looked after a good night out through dripping, smudged and smeared stitching. Layering motif fills onto tatami and exploring different angles of stitch.

bold, abstract digital embroidery designs

Abstract, Dripping Digital Embroidery Inspired by the Club Kids Makeup

Bold, fluid shapes and stitches that reflect the smudged and smeared makeup of the Club Kids after a night out. The Club Kids used their makeup and aesthetic to transform and express themselves freely in the queer community.

Club Kids inspired print design portfolio page

Disrupting the Male Gaze Print Designs

A portfolio page of print designs inspired by the Club Kids and Leigh Bowery, using colourful, abstract prints as a way of concealing your identity.

Leigh bowery inspired print and digital embroidery

Leigh Bowery Inspired Digital Embroidery and Print Design

Leigh Bowery used his body as a canvas, creating controversial and often painful looks that transformed him completely. The print design was inspired by one of his iconic looks which has then been converted into digital embroidery.

drag inspired print. designs

Domestic Drag

Exploring lockdown life and the mundane-ness of everyday chores, these print designs explore how the. art of drag can be used as a form of escapism.

digital embroidery sweeping the floor in drag

Sweeping the Floor

Digital embroidery converted from one of the print designs. Stitched out onto fused Angelina fibres and finished with some beading to reflect the dirt because even a drag queens dirt is glamorous!

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