Jack Simpson

I specialise in ready-to-wear menswear design. My strengths include inform design through both collage and stand work, hand rendering lineups and CAD illustrations of individual pieces. I have always believed that it is extremely important for designers to cater to niche audiences and to be specific with the type of people they design for.

In the ready-to-wear market, detailing is extremely important to elevate design work to the next level. I am always looking to produce bodies of work that are specific to a muse, with a strong sense of narrative, containing pieces that are extremely functional and full

of detail. My two final-year design modules showcase my personal design process extremely well and capture the essence of myself as a menswear designer.

'MMATNTR' - Design Development and Muse Board.

The design development shown here came from the overarching theme of 'Glitch' within this project. I collaged (Glitched) together some reference pieces from the relevant markets to inform design.

'MMATNTR' - Final Outcome and Lineup.

Final Outcome and Lineup informed by the underground punk and hip hop recent cultural movements.

'The Unlikely Candidates' - Design and Detail Development - Working on the Stand.

Design work informed by working with my resolved outcome garment alongside a reference piece on the stand. This helped to develop initial outfit ideas for my lineup into more resolved, detail orientated pieces that were more cohesive.

'The Unlikely Candidates' - Design Development - Working on the Stand.

Design work informed by working with pre existing garments on the stand. I used traditional suiting to inform design ideas by placing it on the stand in different combinations.

'The Unlikely Candidates' - Design Development.

Design work informed by Collage. The left piece was informed from collaging primary images of a turntable. The right was informed by digitally collaging hyper exposed images of burn holes in fabric.

'The Unlikely Candidates' - Resolved Outcome - Final CADs

Colour CAD work illustrating one of my final outcomes from my lineup. Created using illustrator and photoshop. This work was done in order to inform the construction process and to be able to further visualise my order of work etc.