Joe Smith Perrin

Working with combining visuals, sound and music, I think I bring a distinctive, holistic perspective to my work. I'm passionate about directing projects and collaborating with others, whether that be in film or music. Whether I’m directing films, scoring a piece, or producing beats, I strive to add character and originality to any story. This year, I directed two shorts and I'm well on my way to finishing a collaborative album and a couple EPs, all of which have been incredible learning experiences. And I can't wait to share them with the world and see what happens next.

Breaking the Void

Breaking the Void is a short psychological horror following a once successful, struggling artist who is trying to finish his next piece. However, when a mysterious figure appears on the canvas, he begins to question his sanity.


Transmission is a short experimental documentary exploring the ways in which the media and the arts can influence our well being and mental health.