Katie Smith

I specialised in roles within the sound department at University, both on student and professional productions. I've learnt sound recording skills from industry-experts, using industry-standard facilities and equipment. I really love working as a team to collectively deliver a vision. I'm currently gaining experience as a runner for various TV productions as well as searching for sound trainee positions.

I also have a strong interest in post-production sound for natural history and would love to develop these skills further. I recently experimented with mixing in 5.1 in the dubbing suite for one of my graduate films, which I thoroughly

enjoyed. I have an explicit attention to detail when communicating engaging and unusual stories to audiences through sound techniques I've learnt over three years at University.

The Changes That We Can Make

A short clip from the documentary 'The Changes That We Can Make' I worked on as sound recordist and post-sound. The film focuses on two mums and their personal fight to change the law over prison sentences for domestic femicide.

11 - 7

Boom operating on set for comedy film 11-7. This was a great learning experience boom operating for a two-person dialogue scene.

Forgotten Students

A short clip from campaign video 'Forgotten Students', which I worked on the sound design for. I really enjoyed the creative freedom of this project, and experimenting with mixing to 5.1.

Talking Through Walls

Checking an actor's radio mic on location for 'Talking Through Walls', a fictional drama based in Bristol 1989. I utilised three radio mics for the three actors this day.