Bertie Hase

I am a Fine Artist. My work focuses on the body and gender politics. My practice involves films, performances, sculptures and 2D images. I work at constellating these diverse elements into installations. Since starting my degree in Bristol I have been a part of peer lead exhibitions in and out of University. I have also rented my own studio space with six other artists this year which allowed me to continue my large scale practice. I will be putting on exhibitions in Bristol over the summer with a Bristol based collective called Connect.

Can't you see me ?

Selection of six videos exploring how the female body both expresses and is controlled by beauty and sexuality. Installed on old TVs

Girl on a Screen

Film installed on TV (38cm, 57cm) Film - Glass Screen in front of camera, make up smeared on glass screen

Spit me out

Film of performance where I force feed myself three bags of marshmallow and spat them out


Brass Sculpture (35cm) made from a cast of chewed up sweets taken from my performance 'Spit me out'

Plaster my mouth shut

Film of performance where I used mod rock to take a cast of my mouth


Filmed performance of me wrapping pink yarn around my face until I couldn't breathe anymore