Eleanor Cummings

In a world that is falling apart (no further elaboration needed), survival is imagined through interspecies collaboration. Contemporary findings in mycology concerning the purpose and structure of mycelium have meant that mushrooms have become a metaphor for new perspectives and new modes of thinking. In rejecting the standard narratives surrounding 'progress' and acknowledging the precocity of the systems in which we operate, we can think in new ways to cultivate a future that is sustainable.

My practice examines relationships between climate and humanity. My current work proposes a future where there is a possibility for fungi to be

used as a material for everything from bricks to clothes, as medicine and as a tool for ridding soil of its contaminants. Appropriating imagery from many sources including advertisement and magazines, these digital collages present a future where humans and fungi survive collaboratively, rebuilding from the blighted ecosystems we currently inhabit.

So clean you could eat your dinner from it!

Digital collage, 59.4x84.1cm

Diana Moss

Digital collage, 59.4x84.1cm

Close up

Photograph, 59.4x84.1cm

Betty Sleeps

Digital collage, 84.1x59.4cm


Video, 00.18s

Mycelium Leather

Digital collage, 59.4x84.1cm