Kally Lewis

Often paradoxical and evocative, this work aims to engage directly with the audience. Deconstructing and altering familiar imagery, I am focused on generating truth. Stepping away from the usual discourse of the mainstream media, I aim to provide perspective and reality amongst the illusions. Fixated on the 1% of society, I generate an open debate into the reality of the statistics. What does the 1% truly mean? Deconstructing and reconstructing information, my work aims to engage the audience in a personal debate. How do you feel about the 1%? Ranging from disruptive installations to aggressive collage, my work could

be described as ‘layered’ and ‘encapsulating’. Focused on poverty and injustice, I attempt to represent the contrasting aspects of society. If there is a 1%, what does that mean for the 99%?

Founding Father

Projection, Installation.

The Face of Fortune


Good for business


Art on a wall

Digital Collage

Paper Men

Paper, Acrylic paint, Wooden pegs.


Projection, Installation.