Katharine Platts

Katharine Platts is a multidisciplinary artist primarily working with photography, text, sculpture and moving image. Her practice is rooted in a fascination with the alchemical and transmutational abilities of matter and the intriguing forms it takes. This is grounded in site-specific research which she uses to construct narratives that consider interspecies relationships and their relation to the surrounding environment. She draws on scientific processes encountered within these sites, investigating how processes of change sit in parallel to posthuman feminist thought on fluidity, transition and bodies.

In 2020, Katharine participated in the residency Warping Symbols Finding Meanings. Her exhibitions include

Spike Island Open Studios, St Pauls Crypt, The Old England and online shows. Within university she was included on the Dean’s List annually and has been a recipient of the UWE Futures Award and the Impact and Innovation Grant + Mentorship. Alongside her studio practice she works as an art technician.

Conchscious [installation shot] 2021

'Conchscious' considers human understanding of sentience and modes of communication, as well as the forms interspecies relationships can take. It explores ideas around alchemical transformation and beliefs surrounding historically sacred sites.

Conchscious [panel 2 of 3] 2021

Fever Greed [publication accompanying Conchscious] 2020-21

A trans-authorial narrative centred around the site of an unusual holywell. The duet of text and image contemplates geological processes of loss and absence, such as excavation and erosion, in conjunction with loss of knowledge around local histories.

Batholith / A Change of State 2021

What do bodies of water bear witness too and what does the arrival of water in certain spaces signify? Researching the relationship of place in human and non human histories- what happens when water stagnates?

Site Explorations / A Change of State 2021

A publication collating my field explorations and documentation for A Change of State. Giving further insight into my research process and site visits.