Kei Langley

Kei attempts to recreate experience and feelings using the drama of space and the integrity of material as a attempt to apprehend the surrounding world. Set pieces installed, narrated by the theatrical dichotomies of the internal and the external. Natural and architectural. Soft and hard. Circle and square.

Pocket Construction

The fictitious nature of building and deconstructing. Steel characters scatter the floor. You walk around them. b/d/p/q , u/n. Different sides of the same object says a dyslexic, a different perspective of materials. Beside them, metal tubes, scaffolding, gone soft.

Made then Melted

A speculative working sketch with pen and paper. Dissecting the material and function of temporal building structures in the city.

Steel Debris

A fleeting thought about where all the fallen branches go. What they do? What they see?

Water Birth

Water sculpts the land and dictates the cities origin. Flooding the phallocentric architecture with fluidity and necessity.