kila g caprani

Kila Caprani is a Hull born multi-disciplinary visual artist. Her work explores the tactility of materials and the stylings of old-fashioned glamour in a semi-abstract and whimsical way, toying with an other-worldy approach to romanticism and luxe by taking inspiration from camp aesthetics and the properties and contrasts between everyday materials within the home and the consumer landscape.

Creating dreamlike, too-sweet paintings, installations, drawings and digital landscapes, Kila Caprani is depicting a world of sleek, gloopy surfaces, elegant glassware

and sugared-almond colour palettes, reflecting how the way objects and materials are displayed can be seductive, alluring and surreal all at once, constructing new glamorous, fantastical worlds, using what is already familiar to her. Curation and styling of all types of visual and textural properties is a skill Caprani has nurtured via her multi-disciplinary practice, and hopes to utilise in organising and curating exhibitions, creative direction, and visual merchandising.

ruby windowsill

acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 60cm (2021)

humbug juice (ocean)

digital landscape (2020)

delivering lilies

graphite, spray paint and pearls on fabriano, 29cm x 21.5cm (2021)