Nathan Bliss

I am a multimedia artist who creates work that leaves the observer in an ecosphere of obscurity and beauty. I use painting, photography, print and sculpture. I employ the Fibonacci sequence to gravitate the spectator to this environment, which emphasises my fascination for the synergy between the natural world and the human-made world. Through each piece, I explore life like it is a wander through a divergent horizon. There is a unique experience and perspective on all platforms.
My use of the Fibonacci sequence is a demonstration of the fine line between obsession and passion. The senseless and

random orientation is a commentary of life, both personally to me and general to society. It is interesting, from my perspective, to comprehend the sequence as I will never be able to experience the emotion that embraces the unaware witness. Once the key is provided, a whole world is open to exploring.

08:21; Time According to Fibonacci

20cm x 25.5cm. Acrylic, oil pastel, ink, canvas, board. 2021

05:13; Time According to Fibonacci

20cm x 25.5cm. Acrylic, ink, canvas, board. 2021

Look Here Please

Digital. 2021

Two Words

Digital. 2021

Caviar 1

Digital photograph. 2021

Early Morning Eclipse

61cm x 61cm. Acrylic, ink, embroidery thread, yarn, canvas. 2021