Rosa Brown

As a multidisciplinary conceptual artist, I take inspiration from time, place and memory. Predominantly working with film, sound, writing and painting, I use the medium most suitable to portray the current concept.
My recent work encompasses positivity and communal collaborative art. Responding to current situations, I took to the streets to allow the public to witness a live creation of art and to participate with the piece as they wish, exploring ways of incorporating the public space into an artwork. The medium of chalk and performance both possess an ephemeral nature which allowed me to create temporary, sustainable pieces

that were made to be appreciated and experienced in the present moment, bringing a sense of time and place to the works.
I now plan to conduct more collaborative work with a collection of artists and develop my painting practice.

Victoria Park collaborative communal chalk drawing

Collaborative communal chalk drawing in Victoria Park which took place over the space of 5 days

Garden Chalk

Experimental chalk drawing in my garden

Greville Smyth Collaboration with SpermanUniverse

Artist collaborative space in Greville Smyth park. Chalk drawing alongside spray painting

Greville Smyth chalk performance with Esmee Turlej

Chalk drawing performance in Greville Smyth Park

Street Chalk

Experimental street chalk drawing

Garden experiment with Rowan Brown