Tabby Gammer

I’m a visual artist from Oxfordshire. My mixed-media drawings and sculptures explore social and superficial issues through my intuitive use of colour, composition and figuration. I see contemporary art as a vehicle for considered experimentation. My body of work, therefore, consists of fragments, united by my tastes and interests. There's a slippage between myself and my subject matter because it reflects my values: equality, criticality and aesthetics. Bits of drawing, assemblage and sculpture are surrounded with negative space. This sparseness is purposeful and intrinsic to my work. I leave pieces ‘unfinished’ because I want to give an impression of

the subject matter, with room for interpretation. Installation (digital, in the gallery space, on location) brings the opportunity for artistic conversion. Each context highlights different aspects of the work, pushing it into editorial territory.


Mixed media drawing and sculpture installed in gallery space with clothes, paper bag etc.


Framed drawings installed in gallery space


Printed photograph and pencil on paper. 29.7 x 21 cm


Pencil, fabric and watercolour on paper. 29.7 x 21 cm

Digital installation of 'Gymnast'

Pencil drawing on paper digitally edited into photograph taken at the Westgate shopping centre in Oxford

Gucci 2003

Mixed media sculpture. 21 x 30 x 12 cm