Arthur Bradley

I believe that understanding the principles of good design as a solid foundation for any project is vital. But above all, I think design should be fun!
I love exploring storytelling and problem solving through design, mixing media to reach audiences in new ways and creating new experiences.

I have been lucky enough to work as a professional graphic designer for years. I am always driven by wanting to learn more. Doing this MA course has been a great opportunity for me to play in areas of creativity outside of my usual space. I'm leaving the course armed

with new skills and a new way of working.

Limina: Augmented reality magazine concept issue

A concept for a magazine that combines printed image with digital animation via augmented reality.

Augmented reality story

East Berlin inspired Augmented reality 'Story in a Box'. Exploring storytelling through Augmented Reality.

Anatomy of a grid

Educational video exploring the use of grid systems in design


A small collection of the hand drawn animations I created during the course

30 day illustration challenge

Set myself a challenge to improve my illustration: 30 days 30 keywords 30 illustrations