Jayne Graham-McMorrow

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working in Screen-Printing and animation through the use of Augmented Reality. I look to reveal stories through a hidden and contemporary mode of relating to, and with, the past through mobilising the digital. My practice as a Graphic Designer informs my process using my design skills and love of typography.

My aspirations are To bring my work into the public domain through exhibitions and site-specific projects that inhabit traditional advertising spaces in order to connect with people in their daily lives and outside of a gallery space.

Having presented aspects of my work within an

international research summit I am keen to continue this element of my practice. At present, I am looking to start some new projects to further develop my visual language.

Lioness 1/6

Lioness is part of a project titled 'Hidden Revealing’, a series of Silk-screen prints, through which I illuminate a historical figure, Anne Lister (1791-1840). A prolific diarist, who wrote of her lesbian sexuality in a secret code.

Pirate 2/6

I explore ways in which to deconstruct and manipulate the architecture and geometry of Anne’s crypt-hand. In doing so, creating new typographical forms as images. Seemingly static, the images reveal a queer history through an Augmented Reality.

Three 3/6

In my work I reveal a hidden and contemporary mode of relating to, and with, a queer past through mobilising the digital. Original work: Silk-screen prints using hand-mixed metallic inks on Fabriano 300gms paper 36.4cm x 53.4cm.


Animation for Screen-print titled Three, triggered by Augmented Reality, revealing historical content from Anne Lister's diary.

Queer 4/6

This print is a manipulated digital type form of Anne Listers code Screen-printed using hand-mixed metallic ink on Fabriano 300gms paper 32cm x36cm.


This is the animation that accompanies the print triggered through Augmented Reality. It expresses a contemporary proud shout of sexuality using manipulated typography taken from Anne Listers crypt-hand. Sound score composed by Minor Bird Sounds.