Martyna Sabadasz

I am an illustrator, and I would always describe myself and what I do this way. I also paint murals.
Previously trained in traditional printmaking and drawing, I developed excellent skills in relief and intaglio processes turning them into short narratives in handmade book forms. Graduating from the MA in Graphic Arts opened up new possibilities in my creativity. I learned new skills, and my work turned into a digital illustration, painting, and moving image. Learning software was challenging and will remain the focus of continuous learning. The passion for storytelling and book form remained strong coming

through in my final MA project.
A comics poetry handmade book created as an amalgamation of analogue and digital processes.
A story of self-exploration on a way to find a tranquil space.
The goal would be to publish my book in the near future.


'Blue' is a set of books made as experimentation of analogue and digital forms. Finished by hand, they celebrate handmade in the digital world.

'BLUE' intro

'BLUE' is an allegorical fantasy exploring one's mind on a journey to a tranquil space. It's comics and poetry. A short wander in a hectic world. What would happen if we stop?

'BLUE' books

A short montage with handmade books. Sound effects from by BaDoink - PulsarAR 1749.wav and thatjeffcarter - Star wash synth.wav


Kibou is a Japanese restaurant I have been working with since 2013. Last year, I produced an animated short film and bar projection along with mural work in the new venue in Cheltenham. You can explore more on my website.


I created this music video for Kim Cypher Jazz Band at the beginning of the last year. It was quite a special commission in the memory of Kim's Mum, her life and inspirations.