Aisyah Abd Munir

I’m a Malaysian graphic designer based in Bristol, UK. I’d say I’m a pretty versatile creative with a strong passion for illustration, moving image and storytelling. Screen and digital processes excite me and it feels like the possibilities are endless! Working with like minded people especially in a team of creatives, inspires me to push myself even further.

I see myself as an observer thus I love designing to bring focus on the small mundane things, cultures, and also causes/issues that I am passionate about. Life is pretty serious as it is so I love having a little fun

and injecting humour into my work whenever I can.

No Translation Available

No Translation Available is an 'virtual gallery' of animated posters showcasing words from around the world that does not have an English translation

Language Barrier Struggles

The GIF set is going to be a series of worries and struggles non-native speakers experience and showcase them in a non conventional way by using hands to visualise them.

HAND Handbook cover

PDF - click image to view

HAND Handbook

Hands contribute to expressions. A great population of the world communicate through sign language. Our gestures could make a whole language. Our hands have the ability to make our day to day talks more interesting.

#MeToo Motion Posters

A collection of 10 motion posters centred around the #MeToo movement

Language Barrier

Interview with Ivan, an architecture student from Bulgaria, to know more about his experience with language barrier in the UK. The questions were asked in English and the answers are in Bulgarian as a physical embodiment of language barrier.

This is How You Pronounce It

Different ways people pronounce words. Might be different than what you think it is but as long as it is understood, it shouldn't be a problem. ...Right?