Emilia Pavely


Exploring society, feminism and topical issues whilst using my platform to question normalised behaviours that have become rationalised by society.

I work primarily in editorial and print through investigating socially engaged content whilst experimenting with unique ways to collaboratively incorporate photography, illustration and typography.

You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It

The project aims to expose the toxic traits in which magazines and the diet culture force onto society. Throughout the project I want to impact people through making them realise and question these normalised behaviours through satirical art directed photography.

Period. The Monthly Issue

Period. is a monthly magazine that is a platform for oppressed and underrepresented voices. Focusing on themes of art, feminism and society the magazine manifesto is to question normalised behaviours in which have become rationalised within society.

Vintage Film Posters

A series of illustrated film posters which manipulate information through a different narrative to appeal to a specific audience.

A Letter To My Thirteen Year Old Self

This project challenges a variety of women to hand write a letter to their younger teenage self offering advice they wish they knew at that age and their personal experiences, focusing around themes of self empowerment and global feminism.

The Silence

The silence zine explores the emotional impacts of the new anti protesting laws introduced in Hong Kong. The interviewee was significantly restricted to the information they could reveal and their own personal opinions on the situation.