Jodi Atkins

Hi, I’m Jodi. I am a multi-disciplinary designer based between Bristol and Poole. I have a personal curiosity for the world and nature around me, which I believe comes from having lived by the beach for most of my life. Consequently, much of my work is focused on people, nature and current environmental issues. Over the past 3 years, I have enjoyed developing more traditional graphic skills such as editorial design, image-making and typography. However, I have recently been incorporating more physical making processes, such as 3D model making and furniture construction, into my project outcomes. Discovering new processes,

meeting people and learning new skills drives and inspires me in my practice. I am always keen to learn and to work hard in whatever it is that I am doing.

Scratching the Surface

This book explores the interconnective and peaceful relationship between humans and bacteria. I took bacteria samples from household surfaces and ‘grew’ each one into a letterform. I did this so each surface could be linked back to its corresponding petri-dish.

Rubbish Stool Instructions

“Rubbish Stools” are small seats that I built using only ‘waste’ materials, like used plastic bottles and scrap wood. I made these instructions to assist the workshop that I ran, enabling others to assemble their own stools too.

Rubbish Stool Workshop

A 'Rubbish Stool' making workshop, run in collaboration with Billy Jo Pierce (Interior Design). Here we assisted a small group of our peers in assembling an eco-friendly stool made only from waste materials, including used plastic bottles and scrap wood.

Collections from the Beach

This zine was designed to bring to attention the plastic pollution on British coastlines. All of the plastic shown throughout the publication was found within 50m on Studland beach in Dorset. The plastic is printed to its real-life size.

Coastal Erosion Postcards

This pack of shrinking postcards was made to raise awareness of coastal erosion. As the postcards get smaller and text is cut off, it represents the lost land and the inevitable cutting off of houses.

Ticking Time Bomb

This poster was designed to create a sense of urgency around the plastic pollution by The River Avon. I used objects I found by the river to make this 3D bomb-like sculpture, demonstrating that time is running out.