Madeleine Brooks

I’m Madeleine, a Junior Brand Designer working in Soho.

After completing a six-month Graphic Design Internship alongside freelance work and the final year of my degree, I'm excited to jump into the design industry in London!

I have a passion for eye-catching, sleek design and a love for building campaigns from initial stages to a final, professional standard. I would love the opportunity to move back to the USA in the next couple of years and explore the design world in NYC after spending several months on the East coast in 2020.

I enjoy working across a range of

formats, from print to UX/UI design, but I would consider myself a digital designer. My final project at UWE has enabled me to create campaigns, design editorial work, and render animations exploring and developing important social and communal commentaries.

Celebrity Whinge: A Social Commentary on Privilege in the Pandemic

A campaign including a variety of animated and static billboard posters aiming to expose the reality of celebrity whinges throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, contrasting with real-world facts and statements from a variety of different industries.

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The Knock On Effect

Four A6 publications aimed at young adults, exploring how people have been put in order throughout the pandemic, e.g. through job type, age/vulnerability and geographic location. Each shows the knock-on effect every decision has had on all aspects of society.


Studies say it takes 66 days to form a habit. Community66 is a community-focused app that allows the user to opt into sharing their location, enabling them to connect with or kick start local community initiatives.

Who Would Fall For That?

A community-led scam reporting app and Gen Z targeted social media campaign including animations, designed to work side by side targeting all age groups, ultimately creating an awareness that anyone can fall victim to a scam.

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How We Adapted

A publication containing interviews from local business owners and community members, exploring how their initiative has been used to make the most out of the pandemic and use their resources to help those in need, ultimately creating social change.