Maria Windsor

I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Bristol. My work stems from curiosity and knowledge-seeking. I specialise in narrative-based design, which is strongly focused on research. I'm creative by nature and drawn to aesthetic values; my work aims to be thought-provoking and pleasing to the eye.

Play is not a luxury

A series of posters designed to promote the work of The National Institute of Play. Contemporary and playful style that suits the values of the NIFP and seeks to be a reminder of the importance of play.

When we were young

This project was based around research on childhood memories of play. It features a range of promotional material for an exhibition curated on the subject.

Conversations about Play

Conversations about Play is a publication that brings together the opinions of educators, play theorists and creatives, each presenting a unique viewpoint into the world of play.


The book examines the circumstances that led to the displacement from Germany to Australia in the 1930s of the former student and lecturer of the Bauhaus in Weimar.


Variations is a publication that explores photographic manipulation. The publication seeks to redefine the ordinary, featuring enhanced images that are taken beyond the status quo; images that become reborn as rhythms, thriving with movement.

Pulcher Flora Tarot

Pulcher Flora Deck & Book Set brings together the Secret Language of Flowers with beautiful Victorian-inspired floral collages. Each Pulcher Flora card features a dedicated flower that through floriography denotes the meaning of the card.