Rachel Skinner

Rachel Skinner is a Birmingham based multidisciplinary designer honing in on editorial design, moving image and visual identity. Her work is typically oriented towards culture, social justice and storytelling which allows her to explore interesting and meaningful outcomes. Just graduating from her degree at UWE Bristol for Graphic design, she is now actively seeking freelance and fulltime work!

In Defence of Destroying Property

In Defence of Destroying Property, a publication based on an article written by R.H.Lossin, explores the justifications of vandalism to racist memorials, redirecting the shift off of toppled statues, and onto the racial oppression at question.

Plinth Display Typeface

Plinth is a display typeface inspired by the recent toppling of Edward Colston in Bristol. The stand alone plinth embodies the idea of an empty statue, and a turning point for societal change. It’s playful style works best large scale.

#TimetoDisconnect (RSA Competition Response)

Editorial posters demanding attention towards the detrimental bodily impacts that years of technology usage will cause on the human race. As part of our campaign, encouraging communities to think more long-term. (My contributions to collaborative project, competition hosted by RSA).

A Coffee With Jade Perkin

In a cosy cafe in Bristol, we interviewed illustrator Jade Perkin about her book regarding her experience with grief. Methodology involved overlayed rotoscoping onto interview footage to bring her sentimental insights to life.