Rianna Ngombe

I would describe myself as being a diligent individual who is highly motivated to produce innovative ideas. I am an avid designer at heart and enjoy working in all mediums, especially photography, videography and print. I have a strong interest in using experimental approaches to achieve exciting outcomes by combining these various mediums.

My most ambitious project to date would be my most recent venture of spreading awareness of the topic of Wrongful Convictions. Primary interviews and conversations with individuals who had been incarcerated formed the basis of my workload and increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject,

and allowed me to share their personal stories.

I am always educating myself on the past and current practices in the world, as this helps to inform my decisions as a graphic designer.


A zine created to help spread awareness of wrongful convictions. This zine showcases the powerful poem written by Termaine Hicks called 'Just Another Day', which he wrote whilst wrongfully incarcerated.

The Standing Planter Tutorial

A campaign to encourage reusing and recycling within schools and homes. The stop motion piece helps to visualise how to create a standing planter in a fun way which children will enjoy.

The [W]hole Story

A publication covering all areas of piercing, such as the history, symbolism, religious ideas. It also includes interviews from piercing professionals, Brian Keith Thompson - Hollywood, Elayne Angel - Mexico, Veronica Blades - London and Rolf Buchholz - Germany.