Erika Dawn

Hi, I'm Erika! And I'm an illustrator from Bristol / Barcelona with an eye for the quirky and vibrant. My work consists of a bright colour palette; the use of narratives; references from the 50s, 60s, and 70s; and the use of type in my images. I have a consistent and distinctive visual language that is feminine, catching, and a little tongue-in-cheek. In my final year at UWE, I presented my research paper on 1970s female-led horror films in the VCRG's 2021 Symposium, investing in my love for both art and academia. You can find me off in London

studying for a postgraduate at Camberwell College of Arts. Don't be a stranger @erikadawndraws

Feeling Washed Out?

This piece explores the parallels of women staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic and women's historical role of staying at home throughout history.

Hot Girl Summer

Continuing from 'Feeling Washed Out?', this piece was the first in the series I made. I wanted to inject a misplaced glamour into women staying at home, all while hinting at its restrictive nature.

Fashion, function, & fun!

Taking it back to the 60s, this piece was highly inspired by the women's magazine 'Petticoat'. I wanted to picture the multiuse of a handkerchief, both for fashion, safety, and perhaps as even something sexy.

King and Queen of Hearts

This first-year piece still stands as one of my favourites. This editorial piece was part of a zine about Vegas Weddings and their fickle and ostentatious nature.

The Wrong Side

This is the sister piece to 'Hot Girl Summer', highly inspired by Diana Ross. After this character spends the entire day in the sun, insomnia keeps her up all night. Her femininity adds to the discomfort of the image.

Girls On Film!

This piece is inspired by the 80s, and going over to lovers' houses to watch movies. VHS and chill?