Juliette Turpin

My work consists of character design and storytelling. I also love fashion illustration and enjoy mixing elements of this style in my work. I have always been heavily influenced by comics and particularly manga and have strived to find my personal style throughout the course of my degree. I recently found inspiration by looking at life through the eyes of my pet rabbit Olive by creating short stories. This has taken me out of my comfort zone from my usual drawing style and has challenged me to draw something new. I am really enjoying this process and feel excited

by where it can lead.

Bird Strike

Taken from my story 'The Great Balloon Adventure'. A flock of geese crash into the hot air balloon dragging it off course.


Illustration taken from my story 'The Piano'. Olive uses her creativity to turn one musical instrument into another.


Girl band member Jennie from Blackpink. I love to draw quick fashion illustration like sketches.

Big Ben

Big ben is the first landmark Olive visits in 'The Great Balloon Adventure'.