Namhara Byron Low

My practice is the opening up of Illustration through Intermedia and Fluxus.
I do not intend to define the art that I do, it is constantly evolving and questioning.
The current focus is the role of interface: a point where two systems, subjects meet and interact. Looking at the relationship and communication between human and machine in creativity. Using process as an art form itself.

I have recently been making screen prints, field recordings, typestracts, Photoshop manipulations and unedited films. I aspire to continue exploring and create sculpture and mobiles from destructed mechanical/technological objects.

Poly-Artist / Creative / Writer / Image

Maker / Generator
Studied at Falmouth University, Cornwall
UAL Diploma in Art and Design - Foundation Studies
BA(Hons) Illustration at University of the West of England
Based in Bristol


A manipulated photograph of a betting shop window TV screen at 3:36AM. Part of the interface project, documenting found interfaces or screens/monitors. Experimentation with lens flare, creating a digital entity within.

Screen of a Screen

A CMYK screen print of a digitally manipulated photograph of a silk screen inked with yellow in the washing station. Documenting the screen print process and the relation between practical and digital creation.

Code Scape

Code from an old computer projected into a circular mirror. Layered and digitally manipulated to create this composition that is intended to imitate the common Instagram grid.

Plugged In

A digitally manipulated photograph of a sculpture made from an old DVD player, using the disk reader and protruding wires.

Moblie Phone Film Sound System

An unedited film taken on a smartphone of an old sound system with strobe lighting. Featuring 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage' by Blawan.

'X' Marks the Spot

A digitally manipulated photograph of a film still on my laptop screen. Capturing a technological entity.