Nicole Ruffell

My work marries digital collage and hand made textures to create atmospheric and unique mixed media illustrations. My primary focus of ideas and visual metaphors enable me to create thought provoking editorial illustrations with a strong message behind them. I also love to create landscapes to use my textures to their full potential.

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Teams of women used to operate huge room sized electromagnetic computers that cracked codes, worked out military logistics and made calculations. They later operated computers needed for government data because they were seen as a cheap workforce.

Women on Wheels & Corona Unity

Left - Representing the women that have worked hard over the years to fix equality in cycling, a male dominated sport. Right - Promotional piece for the Phone A Friend service by Corona Unity.

Free Will & Bristol Mystery

Left - Philosophy editorial ‘If you can’t decide what your next thought is before it arises, and if you can’t prevent it, where is your freedom of will?’ Right - Illustration to accompany a mystery story based in Bristol.

Wellness & Beauty

Left - The billion dollar wellness industry is driven by an 'anxiety economy' - profiting from the constant desire to better oneself. Right - Any aspiration to beauty involves self interest, drawing on the story of Narcissus in Greek mythology.